Squire Select: Jack Daniel’s Rye and TX Blended Whiskey

Episode 235 · February 7th, 2018 · 55 mins 39 secs

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Episode 235: Squire Select - Jack Daniel’s Rye and TX Blended Whiskey

Welcome & Housekeeping: Jon David gives us a peek into his hectic life at the Squire, in part because Caleb, the Squire Intern, shattered his kneecap. (Get well soon Caleb!) Big props to Jimmy for helping out over at Ye Olde Pipe Shop in Caleb’s absence. Beau is headed to New Orleans to ride in the Krewe of Endymion during Mardi Gras! It rolls on Feb. 10th, 2018 @ 2:15 (https://endymion.org/parade-route-map/) Catch your Beau beads!
Also, IPSD is coming up on 2/20. That’s International Pipe Smoking Day! Of course, our beloved The Country Squire will be giving us the goods from 2/20 - 2/24. Everything in the shop (online) will be 10% off, and all pipes get an extra 10% off. Spend $50 or more and get a sample of the exclusive Country Squire IPSD Blend! $150 or more gets a free Squire t-shirt. $200 or more gets a tin of name brand tobacco!
Raleigh Pipe Expo Reception Party coming up soon on April 6, from 5-9pm at the Ramada Inn on Blue Ridge Rd. in Raleigh, NC. Additionally, there will be a Pipe Carvers Workshop on the 6th as well. The Pipe & Tobacco Expo is on Saturday April 7th, 9am-4:30pm in the Holshauser Building at the NC State Fairgrounds.
Texas Pipe Show Oct. 6 2018, additional info to come.
Last but not least, Beau, once again, pleads with listeners to send in BBQ gift cards, rubs, steak, sauces, meat products, or generally anything that will help sponsor a BBQ and Tobacco pairing hoping it will force Jon David to agree, begrudgingly, to do the episode.

Topic: JD and Beau once again enjoy another fun night of Squire Select where they take two whiskeys (generally speaking) of various origin and suggest pairings with two complimentary pipe tobaccos that Jon David has pre-selected with his brilliant mind and palate.
First up - Jack Daniel’s Rye! Spoiler alert: Beau hates it. His precious delicate baby’s bottom tastebuds can’t stand the cheaper stuff. JD Rye is supposedly their first new recipe in 150 years. 90 Proof, 70% rye, 18% corn, and 12% malted barley. Warm golden color. Southern bottle aesthetic with a “craft paper” label. Nose of strong rye and fruit, specifically banana chips. On the palate, we get bananas and the strong rye as well. A tingle or slight burn on the roof of the mouth. The tobacco pairing was Solani Aged Burley Flake Blend 656. Trigger warning - Jon David says it kind of smells like raisin bran. Clean smelling and tasting burley with less sugars to give a more mellow nutty flavor. Bit of a nicotine kick, as could be expected. Tends to help dial back the potency of the Jack Daniels, giving the palate a rest.
Next up - TX Blended Whiskey. From Firestone & Robertson in Ft. Worth. Small batch. Aesthetically, a very plain looking bottle. The band near the cap is made of burlap. And the cap is made of boot leather! Nice deep golden color on the brown water itself. 80 proof. Mellow milk chocolate and vanilla notes on the nose and palate. A nice, warm heat, helps round out the mouthfeel. Not strong, but a pleasant warm on the tongue. Very interesting description. Nice and smooth. Won Best American Craft Whiskey in 2013 at the World Spirits Competition. The tobacco pairing is Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader! A semi-uncommon, very venerated, medium English blend. Helps contrast and compliment the mellowness of the TX whiskey with smoky notes of latakia and fragrant orientals.

Pipe Question of the Week: Dillon Shalinder (sp?) says “It is a windy night, but I would not be denied my pipe. I’m noticing that my large bent dublin bowl lets me comfortably keep my hand or thumb around the cover of the chamber. Do you guys have any tips about using your hands in regards to keeping the pipe going in adverse weather conditions? Love the show!” Jon David remarks that he has customers that will use their hand as a kind of flue to keep the embers going or they will use their hand as a makeshift windcap. Personal preference at that point. If the thumb method is comfortable with the particular pipe you are using, go ahead and do it! With every pipe being different in some way, it all comes back to experimentation! Don’t forget your windcap either! They’re cheap and worth trying out. Also doubles as a cap for a pipe on the go. Or keeping the ashes contained in your car!

Quick Fire with the Squire: Sent in by Jordan Scoville. #1 Sleeping in late (JD) or Getting up early (Beau) #2 Pencil or Pen (JD and Beau) #3 Lasagna (JD) or Spaghetti (Beau)

Listener Feedback: Doug Owen says, in response to last week’s episode on the Aristocrat and the Farmer, “Gosh what a great discussion. There’s a little of the Aristocrat and Farmer in all of us pipe smokers, but clearly most of us tend to gravitate towards one side or the other. You guys have a highly sophisticated audience. I appreciate a bit higher level of discourse typical of a discussion such as this one. One small but significant example of this was when Beau used the phrase “suffice to say” as opposed to the ubiquitous “sufficed to say” so commonly used today by people of a lesser sophistication. I’m sure Beau did that on purpose. Way to go Beau and JD. Keep up the good work and keep puffin!”
Dave Miller writes in and says “I would love it if you guys delve into the world of British tobaccos like Condor, St. Bruno, Warrior Plug, Revor Plug. These tobaccos have such a rich history that it’d be great to hear y’all talk about them, and/or their houses. Just a thought on some talking points. Don’t want to come off like I’m telling you all how to do your own show as I love it as it is. You guys are great!”
iTunes review in from JH2196 - “Great podcast! What a great show. About the time I think your podcast can’t get any better you blow me away with a new show. It seems that each show is better than the preceding one. I hope you both have a great Christmas and a very happy and prosperous and New Year. Keep up the good work. I look forward to each new episode with anticipation of the unexpected happening!”

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