St. Patrick’s Day Special

Episode 240 · March 13th, 2018 · 55 mins 39 secs

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Episode 240: St. Patrick’s Day Special

Welcome & Housekeeping: Jon David and Beau are back! Well...back and recovering from the Bachelor Party! Too much Boodles? Important thing to note, Beau did not upchuck from a cigar and he brought the Boodles! Man, what a guy! Anyway, so on arriving to the Squire, mere minutes before CSR showtime, JD gets a package delivered from Pylorns and inside were wedding gifts! The Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas Pipe Clubs all chipped in and got JD a tin of Escudo from 2016, can of McClelland Christmas Cheer 2016, and an Estate Charatan Pipe! And boy was he stoked. What a crazy, impressive gift from the Texas folks. You guys really rock.

On an aside, Beau will be playing Sea of Thieves on XBox/Windows 10, so if you know what that is, and plan on playing, please reach out to him via whatever medium you can, Twitter or e-mail are preferred I’d imagine. To keep it brief, it’s an MMOish crew-style Pirate sailing the seven seas kind of game. Should be a ton of fun. I’m personally already down for this, as well as a few others, so hop on board, swab the poop deck, and drink some rum!

Raleigh Pipe Expo Reception Party coming up soon on April 6, from 5-9pm at the Ramada Inn on Blue Ridge Rd. in Raleigh, NC. Additionally, there will be a Pipe Carvers Workshop on the 6th as well. The Pipe & Tobacco Expo is on Saturday April 7th, 9am-4:30pm in the Holshauser Building at the NC State Fairgrounds.

And a last FYI, there will be no live shows for 2 weeks following Jon David’s wedding next week, but there will be podcasts, so stay tuned and don’t go anywhere. I’m not sure what this means for the show notes for those that read them. They might be typed up post-podcast. I’m not 100% sure there.

Topic: Our resident Pipe Leprechauns Jon David and Beau run all the snakes out of the pipe shop and get a wee bit drunk on this St. Patrick’s Day Special! Okay, maybe they don’t drink, but they do talk green pipes! So grab a shamrock shake, dance a reel with your lass, and tune in to this fantastic jig of an episode!

First up, we have Savinelli. The Arcobaleno (means “rainbow” in Italian), has a green model that is very lovely looking. Beautiful emerald-green stain, subtle-gloss finish (or rusticated for those that prefer that), black acrylic stem. Takes a 6mm filter for those that are interested. Also has a nice silver band to compliment. Savinelli also makes a style of pipe called the Alligator, which also has a green option. A very unique rustication is presented here with almost a scaly look. Google is your friend here because it’s impossible to describe accurately. Also has a lovely green stem to go with. And for those hardcore Protestant pipe smokers, the Alligator comes in a really snazzy orange too. Be on the lookout! And for those that love snazzy stems, the Clark’s Favorite has an awesome orange tigerseye swirl stem. Really hot looking!

Next up we have Paronelli Pipes. Now while they aren’t as popular these days in America, they do have some eye-popping and eye-catching green stains and patterns on the Colorific and Eurocamo styles. Again, here Google is your friend. They are simply impossible to describe in written format.

Genod Pipes from France have newer lines of pipes, around the $100 mark, that feature some brilliant greens. There’s no one specific line of pipes, but many of their style and shapes come in a variety of finishes of which some are green.

Lastly, Peterson. The King of the Green Stain! The Racing Green is a really popular and sought after line. I’ll provide a link here, so please, if you see one you like, inquire at your local tobacconist first! ( There’s also the Valentia line that resembles the Racing Green pipes, has a green stain and stem, but are nice and small. Kind of pricey at $150, but it’s a good pocket pipe for what it’s worth. And of course, we have the annual St. Patty’s Day pipe, the 2018 edition, which sports a real snazzy matte green finish with a gorgeous yellow army-mount stem fitted into a nickel-silver band. Also for a personal recommendation, from me, Mark VV, check out the Spigot line. Pretty expensive, but the green stain here is equally snazzy and those spigot mounts are wonderful. If you have the pocketbook for a pricier green pipe, this is not a bad choice at all.

Pipe Question of the Week: Dan with Creator’s Design Pipes writes in “Hi Jon David and Beau! Sorry to ask a more serious question, but I’d like to get your thoughts on moderation in drinking. After leaving a church denomination that forbade tobacco and alcohol that I served for 20 years, I’ve joyfully entered into the experience of craft beer and ‘brown water’. As a Christian, I am aware of the scriptures commands to avoid drunkenness, so I’m generally a one-and-done drinker. As men of faith, how do you navigate this issue and enjoy spirits yet in biblical moderation? This is not a trolling question, but an honest and sincere inquiry from a brother who is middle-aged and learning to enjoy alcohol responsibly. Thank you for your thoughts and for the wonderful podcast community you’ve created. In Christ, Dan.” Man, what a question, and what an answer. Please check the whole thing out at timestamp 39:00 on the live show YouTube broadcast which I’ll link below. I won’t have the podcast timestamp since the show ain’t out as of this show note transcription, but I imagine it will be between the 35 and 40 minute mark. The key here is moderation and maintaining control without becoming a slave to the particular vice, and Jon David’s elaboration and explanation is right on the money here. I won’t be able to do it justice in writing, so please, listen to this one. Absolutely incredible.

Quick Fire with the Squire: Continuing on with Benjamin McMullen’s list. #1 Ancient Africa (Beau) or Ancient Mesopotamia (JD) #2 History of Medicine or History of Weaponry (JD & Beau) #3 History of Pipes (JD & Beau) or History of Cigars (if you voted for this you are a pilgrim and deserve to be blasphemed...just sayin’)

Listener Feedback: A. Wanamaker on iTunes says “Great Information, Cool Hosts: This has quickly become my favorite podcast. It has taught me a lot about pipes, tobacco and culture. The hosts are affable and incredibly knowledgeable. I particularly like that the show is family friendly, I can listen to it with kids around and not have to worry about any uncouth language. Thank you Beau and JD for putting out such a fine quality show, I will be listening whenever I can.”

Doug Owen writes in and says “This is a follow-up on Jon David’s story about the customer not buying anything. JD, can I borrow Butch Arthur for the summer? Man, I cannot tell you how many times I have had the same conversation with prospective customer. The vast majority of my clientele are great guys and gals but once in awhile you get the one that just does not make the casual connection between purchasing an item in your store and your ability to stay in business and pay bills. I don’t really think they make that connection in their heads. They may be thinking about guys like you and me as fellow pipe smokers with a lot of expertise and it never crosses their mind that it is important for us to make a living at this as well as have a good time doing it. Anyway, that’s my take on it. I just take it in stride, grit my teeth, and keep on puffin’.”

Jim Nelson writes in with the results! “The Country Squire (the horse) takes 4th place in the 7th race of the day at Gulfstream Park. The superfecta pays nearly $300.” C’mon buddy! Outrun that glue factory!

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