What Makes An English Blend English

Episode 249 · May 16th, 2018 · 1 hr 42 secs

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Episode 249: What Makes an English Blend English

Welcome & Housekeeping: Cheerio lads and lasses! Just as a reminder, check out our Patreon page for details on the pipe club-exclusive deals that are going on for the pipes that Jon David brought back from Chicago! Sale runs through the end of May, so get crackin’ before I grab ‘em all! Speaking of the club, new pipe club Squire Carter Imsland joins us, as well as new Patron Mike D. Thanks guys! Also, Beau touches on the viral attack on the Podastery website...which is now back up! Stay tuned for when the archived episodes will be back up, in case you want to take a listen to the origins of the show!

Topic: What makes an English Blend English? Well it’s a good thing you asked, because this week Jon David and Beau dive headfirst into this oft confusing and unclear topic!

Pipe Question of the Week: Tim Houser writes in “Oh, the Black XX is the worst I’ve ever had! What’s a good rope to try? I love many English Blends and VaPers.”

Quick Fire with the Squire: More from Anonymous! Zombie Apocalypse is the theme! #1 Hunker down (JD) or keep moving (Beau) #2 Firearms (JD and Beau, though Beau says both) or melee #3 Build a large group (Beau) or keep in a very tight knit. (JD) #4 Heavy vehicle (Both) or small personal transport #5 Fast zombies or slow zombies (Both) #6 Man is the real monster or no, of course zombies are the real monsters (Both) #7 Last smoke, aromatic (Beau) or english (JD)

Listener Feedback: Evilosity on iTunes writes in “Binge worthy! This show has officially changed my life. I have to drop everything, every Monday night to listen live. Entertaining and as intellectual as a show from Mississippi can be. Only thing that would make it better is if they would finally give the fans what they want... BBQ pairing!!!”

Doug Owen writes in “On the McClelland discussion, keep in mind those prices of those tins are at least partially a result of the level of local taxes that were levied on those tins in the state where the retailer originally purchased the tins at wholesale. In our situation, due to the 45% tax on the wholesale price of tinned tobaccos the MSRP in the state of Washington is around $35, which clearly put us at a disadvantage in terms of competing for the business against retailers from states with lower taxes. Just a thought. You should know we were attempting to sell at our current MSRP, which due to the draconian tax set up in this state put us at a fatal disadvantage.”

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